TRUST, one of the most important factors in every relationship, be it with your child, your spouse, your family members, or among your friends. This is also one of the most important pillars of relationship between employee and employer.

Trust factor is very tricky. It exits, we know is does; but then why do we ignore it.

Employee-Employer trust is always challenged by either of the parties, which has been a case especially during this lockdown. During such times, trust is the only factor which would make or break the business. Managers and leaders wanted business/ services to run as smoothly as they would have had there been no COVID restrictions, but some were not ready to trust their employees. They provided employees with resources to work from home but were not ready to trust them with their commitment to perform during their work hours. This lack of trust has many indirect effects. This makes managers to think their team is not working to the fullest, as otherwise they would have worked from office. The slightest hint of mistrust is enough to hamper employee’s motivation and discourage them to put-in their full efforts. As in back of the mind they think ‘my boss anyways does not trust me even if I work hard and give my 100%’

Mistrust will have its ill effects like demotivation, non- performance, procrastination of daily tasks. Strong trust relationship on the other hand is very powerful that will reap many intangible benefits to the company.
The best that works in any relationship is Communication.  When you communicate, be open and honest. Managers should make sure that they talk to their team on a daily basis. They must make sure team members are interacting among each other.  A short stand-up meeting of just 10 minutes daily will help employees convey their performance, their hurdles, and discuss upcoming tasks etc. This will also help them deliver and complete their daily tasks timely to help put up a good face in the meeting. This will help trust-threads to be intact and strengthen the relationships. Even in case of work from home, where team spirit is lost and employees have lost ‘Connect’ factor with their colleagues and team members, five minutes catch up call from team leaders will help a lot.

‘It takes two to tango’. Both, the employer, and the employee are equally responsible to ensure that this trust is built and maintained.

COMMINICATE, BUILD TRUST, MOTIVATE, to create a win-win situation for all.

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