We help you to save overall talent acquisition cost. Elista takes care of this process right from job advertisement on portals, screening right people for the job and conducting preliminary interviews to cherry pick the BEST candidate. This will help you to find right talent at right time, hiring cost being incurred only on the need basis

This will also help you to save valuable time, otherwise spent on this process.


Employee engagement and retention will start immediately after hiring is complete. The employee must feel connected, motivated, and engaged to perform at its best fast.

Our on-boarding solution helps to build this connection and help new joiners start contributing within shortest period of time.  We offer customized solutions which includes Induction, On-boarding and joining formalities.

Employee engagement

The idea of employee engagement focuses on mutual gains in employment relationships, Seeking the good of employees (well-being, job satisfaction and so on) and the good of the organization they work for (performance, commitment, and so on).

Feeling engaged is evidently good for employees. Definitions of engagement describe employees who are healthier, happier, more fulfilled, or more motivated. And the measures of engagement go hand in hand with increased productivity and higher performance.

As a part of employee engagement we arrange team building sessions, seminars/webinars on employee wellness, sessions for employee families.

Exit interviews

Yes, it’s a fact!! Employee leaving the company at some point of time is inevitable. The reason why employee leaves has to be known and we help you in this. We take care of exit formalities end to end and make this process smooth for you.

We help you to understand Employee’s reason for leaving and their inputs for betterment of the company.

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