Quality Weight Loss: There is a huge difference between being Lean and being Slim.

Quality Weight Loss: There is a huge difference between being Lean and being Slim.

 “How to lose weight fast??” Is this one of the hottest topics of your parties and meetings these days!! This is also the one on which today’s whole fitness industry runs. Many diets, exercise forms came and disappeared. People are following it and getting results. But we need to understand that the human body is same and so is the physiology (body’s internal functions)!! The science is same, but we are following it differently in form of different theories.

Everyone does know what weight loss is but let us know it scientifically.

Weight loss can be achieved by two ways

• Fat loss

• Muscle loss

  It is very crucial to understand what we are losing out of our body. Trust me, it is very harmful if you lose muscles.

“Then why not lose muscles and only fats ??”

Yes, a valid question.

 Muscle scientifically is an active tissue. We can make movements, actions and stay active because of the muscle tissue. Plus, muscles have shape because of their tight origin and insertion points on proximal-distal ends of the skeletal system. On the other hand, Body Fats (not to confuse with Dietary fats) which are known as Adipose tissues are the last source for energy, hence rarely required. Adipose tissues have no shape like muscles. That is why when you gain them, the body appears shapeless.

Fats are of no use to the extent they do not even have identity. E.g., Muscles on arms are anatomically called as Bicep brachii, Triceps brachii, Forearm pronates-supinators etc. Can we also name fats, which are present on different parts of the body?? The answer is – NO. Because fats are so useless, that scientists never thought of spending time on its nomenclature.

When body retains fats and loses weight by wasting muscle tissue (known as Sarcopenia / Muscle loss), one will obviously look slim but out of shape, weak and aged. E.g. Thin limbs, sacking skin, dark eye circles, fatty tummy, weak body posture etc. This is typically called as Skinny Obesity.

There is a huge difference between being Lean and being Slim.

In muscle loss, there is protein loss from the body. So, hair, skin, nails, muscles etc. which are highly concentrated proteins, are lost from the body followed by hair graying, hair loss, dark eye circles, internal organ muscle lining/ layer loss, immunity loss, hormonal imbalances to Testosterone and Oestrogen etc.

In a recent survey, compared to last 15 years, 8 / 10 people have information about fitness because of internet, but still global obesity has not disappeared. The reason is people are more mis-informed than being informed.

People nowadays are following Crash diets and starvation, with which they will surely lose weight, but muscle weight loss and its adverse effects will be seen after years.

Conclusion – Without any doubt, muscles must be retained. Fat loss is the actual quality weight loss.

Only Weight loss is not important, but FAT LOSS is…!!

So, ensure that you focus FAT LOSS and not WEIGHT LOSS alone.

Author- Sanket Kulkarni : Elista’s Fitness Partner & MD at Esporta Fitness Training Academy, India

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