Interview tips: Some add-ons

Now a days an employer receives on an average of 100 CVs for a single job posting. Of which around 15 CVs are shortlisted, and 10 people are invited for an interview. Why out of may be 10 candidates only a few get selected, even if they have similar qualification and similar job experience in the past. Why is that so?

Yes, knowledge about the job is as important as the experience. But the attitude of person is also a deciding factor during selection of candidates. Skills and expertise can be gained over the period with training and guidance but not good attitude and behavior- which is inherent.

Apart from your basic preparation, consider these additional points to ace a job interview:

  • Be Presentable– Overdress may not harm you as much as it may if you are not dressed properly. Dressing right is important. Remember, first impression is what lasts in mind.
  • Be honest, practical, clear– No one likes a lie, when you do not have an answer to the question, an Honest answer is always appreciated.
  • Be polite– Be polite to everyone you meet in the company, starting from a front desk officer to coordinators. Being polite as always, a good gesture otherwise too!!
  • Reach on time– Punctuality is practice which over the period turn into a good habit. Being on time shows that you value time of person you have a meeting with.
  • Keep a Positive attitude– Start your day with positive thinking and attitude, that everything will be fine and whatever happens it happened for good. This is important because your thoughts are reflected on your face and gestures.
  • Read job description carefully– It is extremely important to understand what job demands from you, what will be the role and its responsibilities. Sometimes JD is not shared with candidates before interview, which is fine. But make sure you ask questions about the role at the end of the interview and understand what will be expected from you.
  • Study about the industry and company– You send your complete information to employer; they check and call you for the interview. Take time to understand the company too. You must understand the industry, business, and market preference of the company. This may be understood by checking social media pages of the company which is now a days easily accessible to everyone. Remember, if an employer can say No to you, you have all the rights to say NO to the employer too!
  • Keep your Past Experience Examples handy– When you say, “I am a self-motivator”, or “I am a good leader” keep your examples ready for all these answers. It is always good to present examples from your past work experience to make it more impressive and justified.
  • Do not make unrealistic promises– During the interview, generally it is observed that candidates say ‘YES’ to all questions asked by interviewer. This is purely a result of desperate desire to get a job at that point of time. Try to not get into such practice. Be honest and true to yourself as to what you can deliver and what you cannot. Unrealistic promises may lead to frustration and job dissatisfaction which in turn may force that company to leave soon in the future which will end up you to hunt for another job very soon.

Wish you all the best for your job search!!

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