Happier by the dozen

Today’s world is dynamic and demanding. We are required to supervise or actively participate in a multitude of tasks each day. We strive to strike the work-life balance perfectly. As we are driven to fulfil all roles in a normal day, we have to grind it out with great patience and resilience!
Each day presents to us countless conflicts and decisions… We must resolve the conflicts and make those decisions. We must also take the responsibility of these decisions and the following results! More often than not, resolving a conflict amounts to sacrificing something for we cannot achieve both conflicting ends.
This has intensified against the backdrop of the pandemic and the change that it brings with it immensely! Our routines have gone for a toss… Work pressure has increased in most cases.. People have had to move out of their comfort zones.. Relationships now demand greater commitment and adjustment.. And all of this has ricocheted towards the individual in the form of stress!!!
What can we do? How do we handle this situation? Here are some ways we can use to calm our nerves down and move towards wellness:

  1. Mindfulness: rhythmic breathing exercises, visual imagery exercises, calming music, etc help to regularize our breathing. Regularized breathing infuses a sense of control and calm to our mind and body.
  2. Indulge in a hobby: Indulge in some hobby regularly if not daily. Hobbies give a boost to your self-esteem. They fulfil the need for accomplishment of an individual. They provide you the essential “me time” and work as recharge. You are now ready to go through the grind again.
  3. Define your value system: Set your priorities clearly. Write them down to avoid ambiguity. This will help you resolve conflicts and make decisions in the right direction.
  4. Family time: Spend quality time with the family. Have wifi free corners in the house. Make the dinner table and dinner time a wifi free zone. If dining together every day isn’t possible, go out for dinner once a week or every two weeks. Quality time spent with your family makes you feel loved and wanted. This is a major factor in revitalizing your mental energy for the next week’s ordeal.
  5. Exercise: A sound mind resides in a sound body. Exercises are known to release the happy hormones and calm the nerves down too. You feel energetic and clear-headed after a work-out. Additional perk: You burn some fats on the way!!
  6. Expectations: Set realistic expectations of you and of your family. And of your colleagues and employees too. Set SMART goals: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-bound.
  7. Be forgiving: Forgive yourself for not meeting the standards. Forgive others for not living up to your expectations.
  8. Be empathetic: Each person comes with a great, complicated flash back. Be kind, warm and empathetic. You might just make someone’s day!!
  9. Be open: There are as many perceptions as there are people. Different minds. Different perceptions. Nothing is right or wrong. Try to step over to the other side and understand where the other person is coming from. A ‘6’ for you is a “9” for the person standing opposite you! Respect the different shades of opinions.
  10. Beware of the all or nothing bias: The whole world survives and celebrates in the grey areas. There is black and there is white. And then there is a huge grey. Something that’s no right may not necessarily be wrong.
  11. The circles of significance: I choose what/ who affects me. Some things or people may not be significant enough to allow them to cause you distress. Don’t give them your remote control.
  12. The rule of 5: Before you explode or react, think… Ask yourself… Will it matter in the next 5 minutes? 5 days? 5 weeks? 5 months? 5 years? Your response is required only if the repercussions are long term. Otherwise, just let go… Pick your battles wisely.
    In the craziness of the fast-paced world and over-crowded mental space, let’s bring some rhyme and reason to replenish our resources, build resilience and come out triumphant! Cheers!

AuthorAnagha Pandit : Elista’s Wellness Partner, Certified- Clinical Psychologist and Therapist, Certified- Life Skills Facilitator.

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