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Employee Engagement & Retention Activities

Employee Engagement & Retention Activities Specialists in Dubai, UAE focuses on mutual gains in employment relationships,

Seeking the good of employees (well-being, job satisfaction and so on) and the good of the organization they work for (performance, commitment, and so on).

Feeling engaged is evidently good for employees. Most definitions of engagement describe employees who are healthier, happier, more fulfilled, or more motivated. For organizations, research has repeatedly shown that measures of engagement go hand in hand with higher performance.

We have three programs offered:

Employee Fitness

Everyone who works out regularly, has tried almost every type of diet. That may be Ketogenic diet, Intermittent fasting, Atkins diet, GM diet etc., as there is no lack of abundance of information because of Internet. But surprisingly Obesity is still dominating and rampant.

Our employee engagement specialists believes, Even if you follow your, regional, local food diet systematically, you will surely get desired results. Scientific approach is the key. Let us help you unlock your mind by busting myths about diet, exercise & nutrition

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness Programs in Dubai, UAE have become a staple in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.

Studies show, 80% of employees at companies with robust health and wellness programs at work feel engaged and cared for by their employers.

Our Employee wellness aims at every individual in the team and encourages them to make healthy lifestyle choices. The purpose of this is to benefit them and the culture in which they work.

Employee Yoga

Yoga is not just about being able to perform complicated poses and movements. It is a holistic approach to physical and mental health, as well as a person’s well-being and personal growth. Corporate Yoga is the extended concept of working peacefully in the midst of a hectic corporate environment

Our Value Driven Corporate Yoga designs are holistic in nature and are delivered onsite as well as offsite, as per your requirement